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Our Storage Trailers Are at Your Service in Peterborough

Renovating? Moving? Expanding? DC Foster Courier and Express has the mobile storage solutions you need in Peterborough.

Transport Overload has been actively engaged in the rental of transportation equipment for 30 years. We can supply 40' to 48' storage trailers for rent by the week, month or even yearly.

Moving, but can't take possession immediately? We will deliver a trailer to your site for you to pack. We will then store it until you need it and deliver it to your new home or business.

We can also supply mobile warehousing on a temporary or long-term basis as well as trailer rentals to transport companies in need of extra equipment on a short-term/temporary basis.

Transport Overload also possesses an Ontario general trucking license as well as a U.S. trucking license which enables us to offer transport services from Ontario to the U.S. border states.

Call us now to schedule a service.

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